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The Gamer Inside

Documenting players in our society

Interviewees who already appeared on the series


  • thumbnail José Solé José Solé.

    José Solé. Physician

    José Solé

    With 85 years old, nowadays is the most veteran of the interviewees. He was one the first persons who worked with computers in Spain during 50's. He is now a living part of the Spanish Computer Science history. Without persons like Solé, videogames would have never existed. — in Madrid, Museo García Santes-Mases (Facultad de Informática de la UCM).

  • thumbnail Aurora Rodríguez Aurora Rodríguez.

    Aurora Rodríguez. Veteran videogame player.

    Aurora Rodríguez

    Aurora is our eldest woman interviewed, along her long 78 year life, she has never stopped playing. In the real life, she is also housewife.

  • thumbnail Juan José García Juan José García.

    Juan José García. Hardware collector.

    Juan José García

    Juan José, a.k.a "Chuchex", is one of the most important hardware collectors in Spain, with more than 500 different pieces.

  • thumbnail Emilio Barredo Emilio Barredo.

    Emilio Barredo. Industrial Engineer (1960s - 1990s).

    Emilio Barredo

    Back in the late 70s, Emilio had to learn Computer Science from the basics to become the IT manager of his company. Now he has 76 years old, and since then he keeps updated with the use of new technologies.

  • thumbnail Philippe Nieuwbourg Philippe Nieuwbourg.

    Philippe Nieuwbourg. Director at Musée du Jeu Vidéo in Paris.

    Philippe Nieuwbourg

    Philippe Nieuwbourg is Director at Musée du Jeu Vidéo in Paris, one of the first videogame museums in the world. His passion for computers and programming made him notice about the importance of preserving both, the hardware and their software.


  • thumbnail Manuel Sagra Manuel Sagra.

    Manuel Sagra. Blogger.

    Manuel Sagra

    Founder at "El Blog de Manu", one of the eldest blogs dedicated to videogame culture, with special attention to the classics.


  • thumbnail Jesús Rocamora Jesús Rocamora.

    Jesús Rocamora. Cultural journalist.

    Jesús Rocamora

    Journalist with a great passion for videogames. With his work from a general-interest newspaper as Público, he has treated videogames with the cultural relevance they deserve.


  • thumbnail José Manuel Fernández 'Spidey' José Manuel Fernández "Spidey".

    José Manuel Fernández "Spidey". Videogame history expert.

    José Manuel Fernández 'Spidey'

    Founder and director of website, during the last 15 years, Spidey has earnt a relevant place into the Spanish Videogame Press as an authentic expert in videogame history. He has worked for some of the most important Spanish videogame magazines and websites.


  • thumbnail Marc Rollán 'Funspot' Marc Rollán "Funspot".

    Marc Rollán "Funspot". Co-director at Game Over videogame podcast.

    Marc Rollán 'Funspot'

    One of the of the most veteran voices the Spanish videogame podcast scene (more than 10 years in active). His passion for SEGA and red T-Shirts is well known.


  • thumbnail Juan Carrillo Juan Carrillo.

    Juan Carrillo. Videogame journalist and co-director at Zoom NET (TVE).

    Juan Carrillo

    Juan is one of the most veteran journalists in the Spanish Videogame Industry, he directed the documentary "The Spanish Soft Golden Age" ("La Edad de Oro del Soft español", available on Youtube). Nowadays he is the co-director of Zoom NET, one of the few TV programs who focus on videogames in the Spanish public TV (and Spanish TV in general).



  • thumbnail Carlos González Tardón Carlos González Tardón.

    Carlos González Tardón. Psychologist specialized in VG.

    Carlos González Tardón

    Carlos graduated in Psicology at University of Barcelona. In 2007 he funded People & VIDEOGAMES and started several projects about digital literacy with videogames, since then it has turned into a great connection between institutions, videogame companies and the population. In 2009 he created his own non-profit project about social and educational transformation, called "Asesoría On-line Sobre Videojuegos". From this virtual space, he has given support, information and resources to more than 5000 people in the Iberoamerican area, from gamers, families, teachers... to researchers and game developers.



  • thumbnail Carmen Campos Carmen Campos.

    Carmen Campos. Teacher and member of Spanish Ministry of Education.

    Carmen Campos

    In 2011 I had the chance to meet Carmen, who works for the Spanish Ministry of Education and is also Audiovisual Communication teacher. I was surprised when, in spite of not being familiar with them, I knew she used videogames as a learning tool with her students.


  • thumbnail Pilar Lacasa Pilar Lacasa.

    Pilar Lacasa. Communication Professor at University of Alcalá.

    Pilar Lacasa

    Pilar is one of the researchers and teachers with more experience in the usage of videogames for education and digital literacy. Along with Rut Martinez, she boosted the "Aprende y Juega con EA" project at University of Alcala, nowadays she is still working for the integration of videogames as communication and learning tool in our society. She works at "Grupo Imágenes, Palabras e Ideas" researching group.



  • thumbnail Stephen Howell Stephen Howell.

    Stephen Howell. Computing Lecturer at Institute of Technology Tallaght.

    Stephen Howell

    Stephen is particularly known for having integrated the usage of Kinect and Scratch. He is researching about videogames and human learning.



  • thumbnail Roberto Pastor Roberto Pastor.

    Roberto Pastor. Videogame podcaster and blogger.

    Roberto Pastor

    Roberto is a great communicatior, also a father and computer scientist. He started to work as blogger with Weblogs SL and is common to see him participating in videogame podcasts as Kafelog or Game Over.


  • thumbnail María Rubio María Rubio.

    María Rubio. Philosopher and Game Studies researcher.

    María Rubio

    Graduated in Philosophy at the University of Valencia, Maria is interested in researching about Science, Society and Technology, also about pedagogical innovation through the usage of videogames. Maria is member of ARSGAMES association since 2010, where she works as game studies researcher.


  • thumbnail César Astudillo César Astudillo.

    César Astudillo. Strategic designer, ex Topo 80's, ex Pyro 90's.

    César Astudillo

    César is well known for his works on Spanish videogame scores of the 80s (Mad Mix Game, Titanic among others, for Toposoft), afterwards he worked as project leader at Pyro Studios, and now he is strategic designer in his own company in Madrid.

    He is still really passionated about old computers...


  • thumbnail Elisa Calle Elisa Calle.

    Elisa Calle. Visual communication teacher.

    Elisa Calle

    Elisa is mother and teacher, in both facets she treats with videogames, her experiences as observer and educatorusing games are really interesting.


  • thumbnail Flavio Escribano Flavio Escribano.

    Flavio Escribano. Founder at ARSGAMES.

    Flavio Escribano

    Flavio Escribano is one of the most relevant names when talking about videogames and innovation in Spain. Founder at ARSGAMES collective, since 2006 he works on national and international projects in order to promote videogames, art and social change.


  • thumbnail Eva Perandones Eva Perandones.

    Eva Perandones. Ph. D. in Technologies applied in education.

    Eva Perandones

    Eva works as professor in several Spanish universities, she is specialized in videogames and health. She also studied Fine Arts bachelor and is very skilled on 3D animation.


  • thumbnail Luis Espinosa Luis Espinosa.

    Luis Espinosa. Volunteer at Juegaterapia.

    Luis Espinosa

    Luis is a hardcore player, a big fan of titles like Skyrim and Resident Evil 2. He also helps Juegaterapia NGO with everything he can. His experiences with videogames as social integration tool are really interesting.



  • thumbnail José María Villalobos José María Villalobos.

    José María Villalobos. Videogame and cinema blogger.

    José María Villalobos

    José María is one of the bloggers with better expresive and reflexive writing skills on the Spanish-speaking blogosphere. This, along with his huge cultural background, makes him easy to go a step further in his articles.


  • thumbnail Ciro Altabás Ciro Altabás.

    Ciro Altabás. Screenwriter and film director.

    Ciro Altabás

    This young and awarded filmmaker has a very special place in the memory of japanese culture and videogame lovers with documentaries like Hobby and Made in Japan. Nowadays he is still working on new and original audiovisual projects.


  • thumbnail Maya Pixelskaya Maya Pixelskaya.

    Maya Pixelskaya. Pixel artist.

    Maya Pixelskaya

    What happens when passion for arts and design meets videogames? Maya is one of our artists with more international projection, her famous Monkey Island Converse shoes are only a small proof of it.


  • thumbnail Kevin P. Wood Kevin P. Wood.

    Kevin P. Wood. Painter and musician.

    Kevin P. Wood

    This young artist has very powerful memories of the videogames he played during the 8-bit era. This has influenced aesthetically to his paintings, at the same time than other contemporaneous and classic artists inspired him.

  • thumbnail Alfonso Azpiri Alfonso Azpiri.

    Alfonso Azpiri. Spanish veteran illustrator and screenwriter.

    Alfonso Azpiri

    Azpiri is a living videogame legend, his works have left a really important and indelible trace in the Spanish videogame history. He also created the Mot and Lorna comic series.

  • thumbnail Roberto Manzano Roberto Manzano.

    Roberto Manzano. Professional breakdancer.

    Roberto Manzano

    Better known as Roborob, Roberto is a passionate and versatile dancer who also loves videogames, and that can be seen during his shows.


  • thumbnail Francisco J. Espejo and Macarena Mey Francisco J. Espejo and Macarena Mey.

    Francisco J. Espejo and Macarena Mey. Videogame developers.

    Francisco J. Espejo and Macarena Mey

    This charming couple has a really cute story about how they met thanks to their passion for videogames, today they play together regularly and also work in the gaming industry.


  • thumbnail Laura Sánchez 'Shanoa' Laura Sánchez "Shanoa".

    Laura Sánchez "Shanoa". Cosplayer.

    Laura Sánchez 'Shanoa'

    Apart of being an avid gamer, Shanoa loves to design and manufacture her own cosplays, to showcase them as well as this Borderlands' Lilith cosplay she wears during her interview.


  • thumbnail Jordi Besalú 'Bricoman' Jordi Besalú "Bricoman".

    Jordi Besalú "Bricoman". Modder and founder at

    Jordi Besalú 'Bricoman'

    There's no limit for the creativity of this car electrician, added to his passion for consoles, this was crucial for the creation of a website where he could showcase his creations and lessons learned. Today is one of the Spanish modding websites of reference.


  • thumbnail Pixel Pixel.

    Pixel. VJ artist.


    This VJ has been playing videogames along all his life, the most curious thing about it is that he adapted the sofware used in the performances so he can handle the visualizations with a joypad.


  • thumbnail Luís Miguel García Luís Miguel García.

    Luís Miguel García. Professional violinist.

    Luís Miguel García

    This violinist born in Madrid has achieved the goal of joining his two greatest passions, videogames and music, into his job. Luis has a great passion for classical music and he is also an old school player. He has been part of 1UP Duet and now of Triforce Quartet.


  • thumbnail Javier Álvarez 'Néboa' Javier Álvarez "Néboa".

    Javier Álvarez "Néboa". Artist.

    Javier Álvarez 'Néboa'

    Javier is a very active and creative artist of experimental electronic music. His music emerges from home-made synthetizers, instruments made of electronic toys, a couple of first generation modded Game Boys, an Atari 2600, a Turbo Furby, or some modified Casio keyboards, among many others.


  • thumbnail Jonathan Hall Jonathan Hall.

    Jonathan Hall. Videogame musician.

    Jonathan Hall

    What happens when passion for SEGA golden ages, classic arcades and good music tastes gather in the same person? the answer is Jonathan Hall, videogame musician who worked on titles like the successful Bye Bye Brain, and one of the talented musicians who work in our team from the first days.


  • thumbnail Nacho Vigalondo Nacho Vigalondo.

    Nacho Vigalondo. Screenwriter and film director.

    Nacho Vigalondo

    Awarded screenwriter and filmmaker, he rised to fame with his shortfilm "7:35 de la mañana" and with the cult piece "Timecrimes". But not many people knows about Nacho's passion for videogames and how the videogame language has influenced his works.


  • thumbnail El Chojin El Chojin.

    El Chojin. MC and writer.

    El Chojin

    It was a great surprise to meet Chojin and know about his history as videogame player, this awarded rap singer and composer is well known for his personal style, with meaningful lyrics charged with social criticism.



  • thumbnail Victor Ruíz Victor Ruíz.

    Victor Ruíz. Co-owner and I+D director at FX Interactive.

    Victor Ruíz

    Since the early 80s, when he highlighted a brave and creative programming and entrepeneurial skills, Victor, along with his brothers, hasn't stopped giving joyful moments to an enthusiastic and emerging 8-bit game lovers community. He has been behind some of the greatest Spanish companies, that have had also international successes as a developer and publisher: Dinamic Software (80s), Dinamic Multimedia (90s) and FX Interactive (00s -).




  • thumbnail Pablo Crespo Pablo Crespo.

    Pablo Crespo. Managing Director at Game Spain.

    Pablo Crespo

    Pablo is a great classic pinball lover, but he is much more well known for being one of the most veteran Spanish videogame entrepeneurs. Back in the early 80's, with an age of 18, he founded one of the first videogame shops in Spain (One way software). Now, more than 25 years later, and under the general manager role at GAME Spain, his company keeps holding a leading role in the Spanish videogame retailing industry.



  • thumbnail Ismael Raya Ismael Raya.

    Ismael Raya. Lead programmer at Pyro Studios.

    Ismael Raya

    Ismael is a veteran Spanish programmer, he participated in some of the most important projects, also with international reach (Commandos Saga, Planet 51: The Game...). Along with Javier Arévalo, he is one of the pillars at Pyro Studios, and an example to follow for new generations of game developers.


  • thumbnail Javier Arevalo Javier Arevalo.

    Javier Arevalo. Technical director at Pyro Studios.

    Javier Arevalo

    Javier, a.k.a. Jare, is one of the most veteran programmers still in active in the Spanish scene, he started programming in the early 80s for 8-bit computers. Some of the most important games he participated at were: Stardust, Speed Haste, Commandos or more recently Prototype, to mention only a few of them. Jare is a great example of what an enthusiastic and creative mind can achieve in the games industry.


  • thumbnail Gonzalo Suárez 'Gonzo' Gonzalo Suárez "Gonzo".

    Gonzalo Suárez "Gonzo". President at Arvirago / Ex-Pyro.

    Gonzalo Suárez 'Gonzo'

    Renowned videogame programmer and designer since the ZX Spectrum era, when he took part in 8-bit developments like Goody, Sol Negro or Mot.

    Up the date, his greatest achievement has been the design and direction of the two first titles in the Commandos saga. Since then, he focuses on managing his company, Arvirago Entertainment, and also impulsing the Spanish videogame industry with events like Gamelab, and initiatives like the Arts and Interactive Sciences Academy.



  • thumbnail Ramon Nafria 'Nae' Ramon Nafria "Nae".

    Ramon Nafria "Nae". President at DOID.

    Ramon Nafria 'Nae'

    Ramón (a.k.a. Nae) has been, from his childhood, passionated about videogames. He has worked on very diverse positions in the game industry, from editor, tester or more recently to videogame producer at his own studio "A Crowd of Monsters". His vast experience and wonderful social abilities makes him one of the most connected persons in the Spanish videogame industry. Also to remark that he was the impulsor of the first game developers association in Spain, DOID, which mission is to boost the game development in Spain.



  • thumbnail Roberto Álvarez de Lara Roberto Álvarez de Lara.

    Roberto Álvarez de Lara. CEO and Creative Director at Over the Top Games.

    Roberto Álvarez de Lara

    Roberto is one of the most important names in the Spanish videogame scene at the moment. He started as programmer at Pyro Studios in 2002, and in 2008 he launched, along with his brother, his own company, Over the Top Games. The young studio has developed very remarkable games as NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits for PC and Wiiware and Fancy Pants Adventures for XBLA. Nowadays he keeps going on working on new projects, with a great team of young and talented people. Above all, Roberto and his team are really passionate about games.



  • thumbnail Juan Tamargo Juan Tamargo.

    Juan Tamargo. COO at Bitoon Games.

    Juan Tamargo

    Juan is an Spanish game industry veteran. Passionated about this sector since he was a kid, when he went to the arcades, during his long career, he specialized more and more on the business part, he worked for very diverse and renowned companies, like Noria Works, Dinamic Multimedia, Pyro Studios, Enigma Software Productions and nowadays he is one of the essential figures at Bitoon Games Studio in Madrid.



  • thumbnail Rafael Latiegui Rafael Latiegui.

    Rafael Latiegui. Co-founder and Artistic Director at Pendulo Studios.

    Rafael Latiegui

    From his childhood, Rafa has been passionated about videogames, in concrete about everything related to adventures (graphic and conversational), his life changed a lot since he played "The Hobbit" when he was a child, until he published his first game in 1994: "Igor: Objective Uikokahonia". Nowadays, he is still working in this exciting and creative field of adventure games. Also to remark that Pendulo's titles have each day more and more unconditional fans.



  • thumbnail Magnus Dagon Magnus Dagon.

    Magnus Dagon. Sci-fi and fantasy writer.

    Magnus Dagon

    Magnus Dagon has been awarded with prizes like UPC 2006, Ignotus 2008, or Villa de Torrecampo 2009. He started writing thrillers but switched soon to fantasy, sci-fi and terror. This change was dued mainly to his love for writers like Isaac Asimov or J. R. R. Tolkien, although pop culture, cinema, comics and videogames have influenced him a lot too. Nowadays he has published several novels and more than 84 short stories.


    Bio: Magnus Dagon en Wikipedia

  • thumbnail Daniel Sánchez-Crespo Daniel Sánchez-Crespo.

    Daniel Sánchez-Crespo. CEO at Novarama Studios.

    Daniel Sánchez-Crespo

    Daniel has worked with videogames since the late 90s, when he started to write for Gamasutra Magazine.Since then, his passion for videogame creation took him to create the Pompeu Fabra's Videogame Creation Master in 2001, and in 2002 he created his studio, Novarama. They have received several awards nationally and overseas, thanks to big hits like Invizimals.



  • thumbnail Enric Alvarez Enric Alvarez.

    Enric Alvarez. Owner and Director at Mercury Steam Entertainment.

    Enric Alvarez

    Enric's story is really interesting. When he was studying Psychology (especiality Animal Psych.), his passion for videogames impulsed him to work creating maps for Duke Nukem 3D and Quake II, some of those were really successful worldwide back then. That was only the beginning of a hard, and at the same time successful, career as game designer, where a young man before known in the scene as "Lem" gave everything he had to work at Rebel Act Studios. Afterwards he and some other friends funded the most famous Spanish studio in the 00s, Mercury Steam, who made the acclaimed reborn of Castlevania games to the 3D.



  • thumbnail Bolo Muñoz Bolo Muñoz.

    Bolo Muñoz. Product Manager at Marca Player, ex-Take 2.

    Bolo Muñoz

    Bolo is one of the persons who know the Spanish videogame industry insights better. His passion for all kinds of cultural and freak articles since kid, from rol games, to movies, series, books,figures, comics or videogames, is unlimited. He has worked at both sides of the industry, for Take 2 in the past, and nowadays in the press (Unidad Editorial).



  • thumbnail David Martínez David Martínez.

    David Martínez. Executive Editor at Hobby Consolas.

    David Martínez

    From the Atari and ZX Spectrum to the present, David's passion for games has kept growing and growing. He is working at the iconic Spanish videogame publication Hobby Consolas, where he has taken an essential role. Also to remark that he is really passionated about Star Wars, martial arts and is also a great collector.



  • thumbnail Isaac López Isaac López.

    Isaac López. Videogame journalist and researcher.

    Isaac López

    Isaac started to work in the printed press field, but he has focused his work on TV, nowadays he works at Canal Sur TV, where appart from working on the politics news section, he has focused also on videogames doing several reports for TV and radio. It is also worth to mention his facet as researcher, that has led him to do a doctoral thesis on how videogames are treated by the mass-media.



  • thumbnail Javier Sánchez Javier Sánchez.

    Javier Sánchez. Writer at

    Javier Sánchez

    Javier is a well-known journalist who writes about culture, communication and society. He has collaborated with magazines of very different formats, places and importance. He wroted essays, catalogs for art-galleries, artistic and academic institutions.He also participated in several books about culture, pop, comic and videogames -Mondo Píxel among them- for Spain and EEUU. He also occasionallly published poems, short stories and other minor genres.



  • thumbnail John Tones John Tones.

    John Tones. Pop culture writer.

    John Tones

    Pedro Berruezo, also known as John Tones, is one of the most important and singular figures in the underground Spanish cultural scene. Born in Murcia, he collaborated with articles and critics in very diverse media. He has been editor in-chief at Superjuegos Xtreme magazine and co-founder at the Mondo Píxel project. John published several books about cinema and popular culture and works as screenwriter for several TV and comic series. In his spare time he enjoys singing and playing bass with his punk-blues group Wicked Wanda.



  • thumbnail Pèp Sánchez and Xavi Robles Pèp Sánchez and Xavi Robles.

    Pèp Sánchez and Xavi Robles. Directors at and respectively.

    Pèp Sánchez and Xavi Robles

    Pèp and Xavi have been always very united, since they started his friendship when they were kids, in their gaming moments, and also at work. As a team they have applied the best of themselves on and, creating a very competent group of professionals around them. Something to remark is that Xavi, in particular, started to work for the renowned videogame magazine GameLive PC in 2002, when he was 17 years old.





  • thumbnail Jorge Huguet Jorge Huguet.

    Jorge Huguet. Marketing Director at Sony CE Spain & Portugal.

    Jorge Huguet

    Jorge is working for Sony Computer Entertainment since 1999, over all these years he has seen and participated in how the Playstation family has grown. Also he is a very big fan of videogames since he was a kid, when the Atari 2600 was launched and also he went to the first arcades.